How it works
Generate a business valuation report in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Choose a package

Will this be a one-off valuation or do you provide an ongoing valuation service? Choose youre package and create your account.

Step 3: Generate Valuation Report

Choose a file format and generate your downloadble valuation report, ready to present to your client.

How it Works

The Business Valuer software works by simply taking the key financial information from your business accounts and uses one or all of the widely accepted business valuation methods to calculate a guide price value for your business. The software also has several in-built industry specific valuation methods as well, so if your business is in one of these industries then an additional valuation can be produced.

The business accounts can be statutory accounts, management accounts, forecasts, or a mixture of them all. And, for those people that are novices to business valuations, there is comprehensive in-built help to keep you on track.

Once the key financial information is entered the software then computes the various selected valuations and then summarises them in a printable and professional looking valuation report that you can show to your bank manager, proposed purchaser, use internally or indeed, show to anyone.

The objective of entering in all the information on all of the data input screens is to calculate the sustainable or maintainable profits of the business in order to provide as reliable and fair a guide price valuation as possible. Therefore, care and attention is required and the help file will assist you where you find it difficult or do not know where or how to enter the data.