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The Business Valuer - Leading business valuation software to make the task of preparing business valuations much more simple, organised and easier!
The Business Valuer - Leading business valuation software
business valuations software
The Business Valuer - How much is your business worth?

Business Valuation Software

Increase Turnover
by offering business valuation reports to clients at a competitive fee
Add Value
to your company by increasing the range of services you offer
Save Time & Money
by completing valuations in and organised and systematic way
Professional Reports
Easily generate editable reports in multiple formats

Money Back Guarantee Scheme
We are happy to announce we now offer a full Money Back Guarantee. In the highly unlikely event that you are not satisfied with our product a full refund will be provided.

Why you need this software

You will need this software if:

  • You are helping a client buy or sell a business
  • You are valuing a business on behalf of a client
  • You wish to raise finance for a client’s business
  • Your client needs a Keyman Insurance Policy in place to protect your client’s business as a going concern. You need to know the value of their business for this purpose
  • You want shareholder protection in place to protect a client’s investment in their business
  • You want to help your client plan for succession/retirement
  • You want to help your client plan for inheritance tax
  • Your client wants to buy out partners or minority shareholders and need to know the value of their minority interest
  • Your client wants some kind of mechanism to motivate management or key employees for the greater success and growth of their business
  • Your client wants to create share options for valuable employees
  • And the list can go on!...

The Business Valuer can help in all these situations!

Within 15 minutes, The Business Valuer can answer these burning questions by producing for you a guide price for the valuation of your business!

Why not watch the demo now, there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain by knowing the value of your business.

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business valuation software
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